Re: Cohousing help needed
From: Smith & McGowan (
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 05:10:53 -0600
Creek's Bend Cohousing of Troy New York wrote:

We do not have a grievance procedure yet, but we had an exercise that
was very fruitful over what seemed to be an immovable difference in our
mission statement early on.  

The two households who had the most firm, opposite and extreme
sentiments were aske to meet alone, for dinner, outside the group and
express their perspectives, try to understand one another and come back
to the group with the results.  The results were remarkable.  Not only
did one family accept the other's position and allow the group to go
forward, but a vast and deep friendship between those two families.

Toni Smith, We break ground in 1999, on a peninsula into an award
winning trout stream, urban location, nestled between 3 mountain ranges,
culture and services nearby.  Looking for investors.

Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Feb 1998, Dee Dishon wrote:
> >         I have asked for help before for Blueberry Hill Cohousing in Vienna
> > VA (near DC) and I'm doing it again!
> >         We recently had one member leave as we were at an impasse with him
> > and it seemed the only choice. We want to put in place some sort of
> > "grievance procedure" to make sure we never get that far again before seeing
> > that there is not a match between the individual/family/couple and the
> > group. Who can I contact? Help!! Please RSVP ASAP!
> Dee, I suggest you post this to cohousing-l [at] to get a
> good set of responses.  We're trying to get inplace a mediation
> committee to address these sort of things.  Sorry so little time to
> respond now.
> Cheers,
>         Michael
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