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From: Sharon Mater (matersteleport.com)
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 23:49:32 -0600
Hello everyone.  I'm Sharon from Portland, Oregon.  I am new to this list 
and to co-housing.

My daughter is planning on spending next year as an overseas exchange 
student through AFS (American Field Service), probably in Scandinavia.  Our 
family will be moving into a co-housing community late this spring, just 2 
or 3 months before she is scheduled to leave.  We thought it would be 
wonderful if she could find a co-housing family that would like to be a 
host family for the year.  That way we might have some similar kinds of 
experiences even while living half way around the world.  If anyone is 
interested or knows of an interested family, we would LOVE to hear from 

Here's a bit of biographical information.  She is sixteen years old.  She 
loves reading, folkdancing, solving math problems, teaching herself 
physics, and debating philosophical issues.  She finds television boring 
and doesn't care for loud music.  She particularly enjoys sharing ideas 
with adults.

Has anyone ever done such an exchange program?

Thanks in advance for any ideas or connections.


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