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Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 18:09:45 -0700 (MST)
RE: what is this co-housing thing, anyway??!!"
Dear Chris/Meri/Kate,
For years i was the phone contact person for us at Cantine's island Co-ho.
And we're now in the move-in process [6-7 years down the raod from entry into
process!!! Take heart it can happen!]...
Anyway, it sounds like you may want to have a little more info in your initial
ad, so people ha a sense of what they are calling about.  You already got some
fine responses, in Digest #425....  I often have told people a little about
the concept, ad then that it is a way to have both community and privacy....
that it is possible to have your cake and eat it too.  Here in the Northeast,
surprisingly many people know what a 'Moshav' is, tho usually they say :' you
mean like a /kibbutz??' [an Israeli commune] and i explain, that no, but like
Moshave, which is Israeli form of Co-ho.... people get this idea quickly.
Pegging it to something already familiar helps.
When I went to meet with the Planning Board for the first time, and they were
curious about the Common-House, I compared it to Community Centers in planned
communities in Florida.  This they could relate to.... 'Oh, you mean like
where you go to play Bingo!' some one said!  'Yes, like where you'd go to play
Bingo!'.... and then they got it in a way they could be comfortable with.  and
who knows, Bingo's always possible ..... 

Wishing you well, Ruth Hirsch, Cantine's Island, Saugerties, NY, where we do
have room for 2 households... We ahve12 households in  or about to be in
residence!  18 over age 21, 10 under age 21.  Creek front property at the
mouth of the Hudson!  It's lovely.  We are having Open Houses every three
weeks..... If you're interested, call Mike Compain, 914 246-3271,
all Best... 
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