Re: Kids Stories
From: Jennifer McCoy (
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 08:22:33 -0600
To Joanie and all,

Great idea for the pamphlet.  Here's another kid story that demonstrates
how cohousing came alive for me this year:

Christmas Eve we shared a late night dinner with several neighbors and I
mentioned I'd be putting together a bike late that night for my 5-year
old from "Santa".  At 11:00 pm, one neighbor knocked on my door to offer
his house for me to assemble the bike so my son wouldn't discover me
doing it.  I happily took the box over where he and his wife (whose own
child was grown) took out their tools.  One of the bicycle pieces turned
out to be damaged and I was crushed.  These wonderful neighbors stayed
up till 1:00 am helping me fix the damaged part.  The next morning my
son came downstairs to find his new bike from Santa, ready to ride.

Jennifer McCoy
Lake Claire, Atlanta
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