I spy strangers in the house!
From: Paul Milne (PaulMmhie.ac.uk)
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 11:04:21 -0600
My wife, me and 3 kids will all be over in California from Scotland in=20
April between 3rd and 19th.=20
We are members of the Cohousing 2000 group here in Edinburgh, currently=20
trying to get some financial support for our project, which is=20
including a built-in number of rental units.=20
I'm American, we're on holiday to see relatives, and would like to=20
visit some cohousing communities in roughly Bayarea, Sacramento,=20
Monterey triangle.=20
Could anyone give me some contact names, numbers, etc? We may wait=20
until we arrive in CA before we start ringing around (save on=20
transatlantic calls) but my wife is that eager she may start dialling=20
Here's my cute kid story:=20
We were having a meeting, and one of my fellow co-housers, Dave,=20
reported that while he was on child-watch duty someone (my son, Kieran,=20
of course) had started the hose going in the back yard (in February!?!).=20
Dave ran out into the yard.=20
Dave: Right, that's it, put the hose away. No more hosing!=20
Kieran: What about co-hosing?=20
Dave reported that as the highlight of the meeting for him.=20
"Tae be yersel and tae mak that worth bein=20
Nae harder job tae mortals has been gien."=20
--Hugh MacDiarmid=20
paulm [at] mhie.ac.uk=20
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