Marketing Materials for Shared Purchasing of a Coho Home
From: Michael Mariner (
Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1998 01:11:31 -0600
Here in Durango, CO, we at San Juan Cohousing are looking for purchasers 
of about 14 more sites/shares and we're "marketing" not only to folks who 
can afford to purchase an entire unit, but also folks who would like to 
go in on a unit for financial or social reasons.

Is it very common for non-related people to share the purchase of a home?

Who else out there has experience marketing to this constituency?  We're 
looking for the following information:

- Floor plans that have one shared kitchen/living area but are designed 
for two to four (or more) singles and/or couples to have a fairly private 
suite. (I've seen some excellent examples in Ken Norwood's and Kathleen 
Smith's book, "Rebuilding Community in America.")

- Financing options - qualifying for a mortgage together including 
clauses about reselling shares, etc.

- Social considerations within the household and in the larger cohousing 

- Marketing materials/literature to appeal to this kind of buyer.

- Other suggestions/considerations?

I'm strongly thinking of sharing the purchase of a home at SJC myself, so 
I have a vested interest....


Mike Mariner 

For more info on SJC, visit our website at  
Durango and Bayfield (closest town) are great places to live -- very 
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