Apartment available at the Urban retrofit cohousing in San Mateo
From: Sanda Everette (severetteed.co.sanmateo.ca.us)
Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1998 18:37:09 -0600
We have a lovely refurbished 3BR available for rent and future
purchase.  As I told you, we finally closed escrow February 10th on the
first four-plex.  Our first community members moved in on the 13th...and
we are enjoying getting to know each other better, sharing work and
ritual. We just had the building painted and will try to get new photos
on line soon...particularly after the permaculture workshop next
Saturday.  There is still a lot of residual messiness both with tenants
and finances because the former owner was either flakey, crazy, a liar,
or all of the above.  It is somewhat uncomfortable.  We expected to have
to ask all of the long term tenants to leave--- two are very resistant
to what we are doing in the way of community and also resistant to
leaving. The most pleasant of the families just gave their 30 day
notice.  When the other families decide to leave, there will be a 2BR
and a 3BR available.

 ********  Another option to expand the possibilities.*******
As I said two weeks ago,  house just came on the market about six
buildings up the street.  It is pretty expensive, almost as much as we
paid for the four-plex....to not shock folks that are not familiar with
prices in this area, I will not mention it.  It is a very nice 3 BR 2 Ba
house with a great yard, a pool, a gazebo, and a boat dock.  So if there
are any higher income folks interested in cohousing out there who have
been interested in what we are doing but needed more space for their
family than they could put in an apartment, please call (650) 574-7155
or write.


Sanda and Brian Everette
San Mateo Cooperative Community

Toward a sustainable lifestyle: 
grow some of your own food and/or know who is growing it.
Permaculture for the Urban Gardener, March 14

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