A new neighborhood in Miami
From: Albert Harum-Alvarez (AlbertSmallCo.Miami.FL.us)
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 08:55:28 -0600
As a recent returnee to the cohousing list, let me introduce myself. My 
name is Albert Harum-Alvarez, and my family and friends have been working 
for a few years on the idea of building a cohousing-style neighborhood in 
Miami. We believe we'll be purchasing land soon, and so I wanted to 
announce our intentions to the list in case there are any folks 
interested in speaking with us.

We currently have three households for a narrow street of as few as six 
homes. The site would be classified as urban infill where the next door 
neighbors include a church, a pizza joint, apartments, some Coconut 
Grove-style townhouses and single family homes.

Within a few blocks are:
a tailor, bike shop, and various professional offices,
the busway which connects to Miami's Metrorail
an elementary school
a neighborhood park

Within a mile are:
a transit hub
the regional mall
four grocery stores, including two selling organic produce

Biscayne Bay and Matheson Hammock are three miles to the east

Our goal is to create a narrow lane of old Florida-style homes: wide 
wraparound porches, windows oriented toward the sea breeze, mangoes, 
avocadoes and live oaks shading a chickee (a Seminole thatched roof 
structure) where we could share barbecue and lemonade.

If you are interested in cohousing in South Florida, don't forget Synergy 
Cohousing in Delray Beach. They are well on their way, farther along than 
we are, and are seeking members.

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