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I once had a geothermal heat pump installed in a one-family ranch-type
home.  Mine was an "open" system--ground water from our well (where the
aquifers were uncommonly robust) was drawn thru the system and expelled
into a stream.

I can attest to the reliability and economy.  Our total electric bills
were never far over $100, even in the coldest months.  Air conditioning
in summer was almost free!  As "Dahako" noted, the entire heat pump and
forced-air unit was small enough and quiet enough to fit comfortably
into a corner of a utility room (or an attic).  It can also heat water--
however this is not done with "excess" in wintertime, but with additional
heating capacity.  The resultant hot water is less hot than most heaters
provide (ours stayed at about 140 f.) but that's still plenty hot enough
for a shower--it's much cheaper--and you can retain the electric heat
element in the water tank if you want to increase temp. for some special
purpose like carpet-cleaning.

Personal opinion: go geothermal whenever you can!


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