From: Paul Milne (PaulMmhie.ac.uk)
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 09:40:10 -0600
I'm sure this was mentioned recently (how recent is recent?) about=20
using the "buddy" system=20
to help integrate new members/observers/interested people attending a=20
meeting for the first =20
We want to try this out, and are proposing, at the moment, to have one=20
designated buddy to bring =20
people up to speed (as there's never more than one or two new people at=20
this stage). This will=20
avoid having to "assign" someone at the start of each meeting. Or is=20
that just not a problem?=20
Good idea?  Bad idea? It was pointed out that there's nothing worse=20
than new people being=20
referred to as "the new people". Anyone got any other acceptable=20
terminology, or do you just=20
avoid singling them out at all? But how do you do that and still make=20
them feel welcome, special, warm and cuddly all at once?=20
Apologies for any gremlins ("=20"s) that might pop up in this post - I=20
don't think the list server=20
likes me very much!=20
;^)       =20
"Tae be yersel and tae mak that worth bein=20
Nae harder job tae mortals has been gien."=20
--Hugh MacDiarmid=20
paulm [at] mhie.ac.uk | http://corrieneuchin.mhie.ac.uk/~Paul_Milne/=20
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