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Here is a followup to a posting a few weeks ago from Cambridge Cohousing =
in Cambridge, MA.  We can call this "life in it is happeni=

peggyblum [at]

Sharon Hamer wrote:
> Oh dear, I know cohousing is great and all, and that my children love =
to play
> with other children above all else, but is this the first acknowledgmen=
t that
> Nora is being counted as a member of another family?
> Actually, it is a wonderful acknowledgement of both how much fun it is =
> all of us to live so closely  with others, and what wonderful people =
Bob and
> Julie are for making Nora feel so welcome in their home.
> Bob M wrote:
> >
      I don't know what's happening with tonight's Storage
> > Task Force meeting, scheduled for 7 at our house . There is a
> > Membership Meeting at our house at 7:30. In addition, I've come down =
> > a flu-like thing and Julie is just starting to get it (Tommy had it, =
> > has it, Civry is coming down with something too). All in all, it does=
> > look good for storage tonight! We'll have to reschedule.
> >
(Nora is Sharon's child and Tommy and Civry "belong to"  Julie and Bob.)

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