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In Cambridge Cohousing, we have a unit which will be occupied by 4 person=
s with developmental disabilities.  An adjacent unit will be occupied by =
a staff person.  These two units are addressed in our Condominium Bylaws =
as "Divided Unit Condominium," or a condo within a condo.

Before I got turned on to cohousing, I participated in a workshop on Shar=
ed Housing given by Joanne Tuller ( 6 Monadnock St., Dorchester, MA 02125=
).  She is an excellent resource on shared housing and at the time actual=
ly spoke about the possibilities of shared housing in cohousing.  She liv=
ed in a large house owned by 4 people with 4 renters.  She did caution =
us that not all attorneys were skilled at drawing up the appropriate docu=
ments for shared housing arrangements.

peggyblum [at]

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