From: Ruby44444 (
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 20:11:55 -0600
   At Pioneer  Valley we had a long and lively discussion about the pros and
cons of a fireplace in the commonhouse--and ended up with a masonery heater
with a glass door.  It's a huge brick affair  dominating one wall, that has a
firebox that's smaller than most fireplaces, but burns very hot and very big
and bright.  The smoke travels through what seems like miles of ducts heating
the entire brickwork, so the thing radiates for hours afterwards after one
load of wood.  It burns very clean for wood because of the complicated drafts
and ducts.  Its works very well, and certainly does warm the place, provide
the "flame experience" and draw people around it, as well as being economical
(we're still burning scrap wood from construction 4 years later.  it's either
the best of both worlds, or a watered down fireplace, depending on your point
of view.  I think everyone here likes it (correct me, fellow PV's if I'm
Rebecca Reid

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