From: Robert Ferre (robert1heart.com)
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 21:47:29 -0600

I'm a bit behind on reading my digests, but I have an URGENT request. We are
currently negotiating to purchase the 131-acre parcel we desire. Our group
will likely by an L.L.C., which we will be forming momentarily. Since
cohousing has some special needs, such as resale of units, reimbursement of
investors, etc., I would like to ask for help on special provisions any of
you L.L.C. members out there may have created.

So, please FAX to me information about your L.L.C.. If you are willing, a
complete set of documents would be nice. We have a toll-free fax line, so it
will cost you only the timne to put it into the fax machine. Your prompt
response would be greatly appreciated.

Fax number:  (888) 873-9873

Robert Ferre
Conscious COmmunity

Where Kate MaCamant and Chuck Durrett just gave a great weekend seminar,
"Getting It Built," inspiring us to move foreward towards our goal.

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