Re: THURSDAY 3/26: FIC on NPR, intentional communities
From: Bill Germino (
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 08:34:12 -0600
Here is the description of the NPR topic today (from NPR's site.  Even if 
you miss
it you can listen later, details at end):

H O U R   T W O
HOST:                   RAY SUAREZ
GUESTS: Laird Schaub (Secretary, Fellowship for Intentional 
                        Donald Pitzer   (Professor of History and Director of 
Center for Communal     
                                                        Studies, University of 
Southern Indiana)
                        Elizabeth Toensberg     Public Relations Director, 
                                                        off the coast of 

Communes. Does a dingy group-house, occupied by hippies, sharing
vegetarian meals and marijuana cigarettes come to mind?  Maybe, but
"communes," or rather "intentional communities," have existed for
centuries. They have taken many forms and have been based on a wide range
of organizing principles.  Join Ray Suarez and guests to take a peek at
today's communes, and a look back at the history of communal living ... on
the next Talk of the Nation, from NPR News. 

Miss the show?  NPR archives all their shows and makes them available
via RealAudio on their web site.  Just go to:

Real Player 5.0 is a free download from  You also need 
a sound
card and speakers to listen.

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