RE: openings now
From: Deborah Behrens (
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 15:48:22 -0600
        From: Joyce Cheney <jcheney [at]>
        >Rumor has it that there's an ongoing listing of cohousing
        >with units for sale in completed sites, and groups far along
        >construction) that still need members.  How can I find that

Rumor is wrong.  To my knowledge, there's no central place yet for such
a function.  We don't even have a current comprehensive list of
communities period.  The information changes so quickly, it's hard to
keep up, even just within one region.  The soon-to-be (inter)national
non-profit cohousing organization may eventually be able to develop
something along those lines, depending on the energies of its volunteers
and the information it receives from various communities.  

Joyce's best options currently are 
1.   queries to cohousing-l, 
2.   check the cohousing web site, going from there to individual
community sites, 
3.   look in the 8 regional newsletters in The Cohousing Journal (TCJ)
quarterly to see the status of known groups in each region. (This
involves membership at a level that receives all 8 newsletters)  
4.   There are occasional advertisements in the back of TCJ, as well as
the Communities Journal, but they in no way constitute a comprehensive

If Joyce or some other cohouser out there in the ether thinks this would
be a fine project to take on, they're enthusiastically welcomed to
volunteer.  Contact me or one of the other cohousing Transition Team

p.s. - before I got this sent, Denise Meier posted her email that she
has a list that includes some of the information that Joyce wants - I
applaud her for having taken that on.  And I know others who have
started similar lists.  But the lists are only as good as the
information that they receive, and the energy they have to keep the
project going, so communities would still need to get information to
Denise and whoever else is compiling information on an ongoing basis.
And having a comprehensive list of whatever everyone wants to know about
different cohousing communities could be a more ambitious task than any
one person can handle.  But rewarding.  

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