Re: fence policy?
From: Dahako (
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 10:49:55 -0600
Hi Michael -

We're still working on our fence policy, but have a proposal we'll get around
to talking over one of these days.  We are a mixed breed development -
subdivision with 12 single family homes and 10 duplexed townhomes.  Members
can build custom homes, but so far (15 members), everyone has chosen one of
the two passive solar designs we commissioned from our architect.  We have two
water features on the site - a fairly deep spring just behind one of the lots,
and a stream in a ravine along the east side.

We have a mix of folk in the group with varying philosophical and practical
fence issues.  At one of our business meetings, we worked up a "wish list" and
a list of questions and issues and philosophies about fences, then referred
the whole thing to the architectural committee.  Committee members looked at
the other local cohousing groups, checked out policies posted on cohousing
websites (especially Sharingwood), talked a lot, then one member drafted a
proposal, which was worked over a bit by committee members, then distributed
to the group.

The policy as drafted basically says that we discourage fences except to
contain young children and domestic animals.  However, if a members wants a
fence anyway, front fences must be low (I forget the number of inches, but I
think I could step over) and back fences no more than 6 feet high.  We
encourage pretty (OK, there is a better description in the policy) fences, but
if someone wants ugly (chain-link), then we want them to screen the fence from
view with shrubs, vines or other plantings. 

As I said, this hasn't made it to a business meeting yet, so I don't know what
we'll end up with.

Jessie Handforth Kome
Eno Commons Cohousing
Where we now have 15 (of 22) members and three houses underway.  My house is
all framed, the windows are in and the underlayment for the roof is on.  Two
more footings have been poured.  We are heading out for a community retreat at
the beach this coming weekend - and whooooeeeee, do we need it! ;>

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