Communal Grey Water
From: Becky Schaller (
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 23:23:37 -0600
We are going to be planning our Common House and Common Facilities 
soon. We would like to use grey water as much as possible.   I 
understand that one cup of bleach in the washing machine will kill a 
tree if that tree is watered by grey water from that washing machine.  
Therefore, I've heard that everyone should use their own grey water 
for their own plants.  Can others tell me how you've dealth with this 
situation in your communities.  Do the washing machines in the common 
facilities produce grey water? If so, do you have certain washing 
machines where the water is goes to the city sewer system so people 
can use bleach and wash dirty diapers.  How do others deal with this?

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