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From: MelaSilva (
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 10:59:41 -0700 (MST)
We have 25 homes on 1.3 acres. 9 have 15 foot strips behind them due to zoning
regulations. Those homes were chosen by folks who wanted backyards. 
We took a blown up view of the property, with all homes and walkways, and
color coded it for Common area, semi-private or private. 
Semi private is the 2-4 foot strips you described. If you ever get a chance to
come visit us, you will see that they dramatically enhance our community, and
every square inch is planted. People spend lovely community accessable time
tending their semi-private spaces, and enjoying the rave reviews of passers-
by. By all means, make them personal, because they are far more enjoyable than
the slighted Community space, or the unseen or ignored private spaces.
On the other hand, I wish we had said "Please plant sturdy stuff, and be
prepared to see it squashed and thrashed by soccer balls." There is NO WAY we
can keep our 28 kids out of these teensy tiny strips right next to the main
grassy area. 

We also made 8 raised vegie beds, and 2 people share each bed. Those 2 decide
when and what to plant. One of our folks put up a great sign last year
"Wanted:Someone to share my bed. (Raised, not watered!)" 

Pam Silva
Southside Park, Sacramento CA
Where everything is in bloom, and our eyes have already started itchin'!
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