Re: The Cohousing Network - organizational update.
From: Smith & McGowan (
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 04:44:56 -0600
Toni Smith wrote:

This is an East Coast question.  Does anyone know of any conferences, or
publications in the near future on the east coast cohousing community? 
Creek's Bend Cohousing, Troy New York is very interested in

Toni Smith
looking for more households to break ground on a pinensula into the
Poestenkill Creek.  Troy sits in a glacier between 4 mountain ranges and
is 10 minutes from the capital of New York and 35 minutes from Saratoga
Springs.  Close to the VT and Mass borders.

ann zabaldo wrote:
> Fred H. Olson wrote:
> > *****************
> > TCN Update
> > As winter gives way to spring, a group of energetic and talented
> > volunteers is moving ahead with plans to officially merge the Rocky
> >
> > Mountain Cohousing Association (RMCA) with the publishing resources
> > of
> > CoHousing.
> > Following up on discussions at the North American Cohousing
> > Conference
> > last fall in Seattle, the RMCA has changed its name to The
> > CoHousing
> > Network (adopting the name which has been used for five years by
> > the
> > organization which has published the this journal).
> Mega thanks for the synopsis on the recent merger and moving of the
> website host.  The list and website management is truly yeoman &
> woman's work.
> And a question -- I thought that the spelling of "cohousing" had been
> resolved at the Sept. conference and that the agreement was to spell
> it in all lower case except if it started a sentence.  I'd like to
> get this clarified because I'm busily setting up a chapter of TCN
> here on the East coast and I'd like to be consistent.  (Also I've
> been correcting everybody's spellling and if I'm wrong about this I'd
> rather get egg on my face sooner than later...)
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> Best -- Ann Zabaldo
> Liberty Village Cohousing (:~
> annz [at]

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