Missouri Cohousing Network
From: Robert Ferre (robert1heart.com)
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 16:23:15 -0600
There are currently four cohousing groups in St. Louis and one in Columbia,
Missouri. We have decided to join efforts for public meetings, literature,
recruiting, etc. We know that our name is a bit ambitious, since we only
reflect St. Louis and Columbia at this time. We would like to hear from
other Missouri cohousing groups, so we can keep in touch. Current status report:

Columbia Cohousing Group:  Looking at sites, deciding between rural, urban,
or in between

Conscious Community:  Found a gorgeous 131-acre site outside of St. Louis,
but still do not have adequate resources to purchase it. Shooting for 25
households, strong on ecology and home schooling.

Village in the City:  Formed more than a year ago, looking for a site within
an area known as University City, near Washington University in a culturally
diverse area.

Culver Way Cohousing:  Retrofit of an historic building that will have some
commercial space on the ground level. Developer-driven model, headed by Tom
Braford (Irresistible Community Builders).

Soulard Cohousing:  In early stages, by the owner of Huckleberry Finn Younth
Hostel. Owns 12 properties on one block, interested in forming a cohousing
group. Near the farmer's market and not far from downtown St. Louis.

Robert Ferre

P.S. - Thank you for the one set of cohousing LLC papers I received. I know
Missouri has its own laws, but a second set from another cohousing group
would be helpful. If you are willing to share that information, send it to
my toll-free fax number, (888) 873-9873. Many thanks.

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