Cohousing Web Site Update
From: Bill Germino (
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 07:43:34 -0500
As many people know by now I have assumed the role of webmaster for The 
Cohousing Network web site,, replacing Stuart 
Staniford-Chen.  Stuart did a tremendous job in creating a great site for 
cohousers---and I can now appreciate his efforts even more!  I know many 
have had requests for the site that are long outstanding, so I wanted to 
update you
on things:

        1. We've assembled a team of capable volunteers to assist with site
maintenance and/or advisement, and now need to establish an internal 
for handling the workload and site changes (which will include letting you 
know what
you can expect for "turnaround time" for site requests).  The Web Team 
consists of:

        Raines Cohen            Michael McIntyre
        Sanda Everette          Fred Olson
        Bill Germino            Rob Sandelin
        Judy Linton             Steve Walmsley
        Michael Mariner

I'm very grateful to this volunteer group for their willingness to help, 
and special thanks to
Michael Mariner for all his assistance in helping me in my new role.

        2. The first order of business after moving the site to a new server 
was to address a 
growing backlog of update requests. Nearly all of those requests were 
addressed this 
weekend, mostly consisting of updated links.

        3. The following are outstanding requests:
                > Review the SEARCH function which appears is not working
                > Change the webmaster contact information (from Stuart to 
myself) on all pages
                > Respond to the "information request only" messages (that 
webmasters usually get)
                > Address the latest site requests from the last 7-10 days 
Stuart received)
                > Address other "miscellaneous" requests from the backlog

        4. Going forward, I will be working with the web team and new 
Cohousing Network Board 
to make some changes to the site in both content and formatting.

If you made a request for a new or updated link in the past 4-5 months, 
please check 
it now---it should be done.  All requests that *could* be addressed *have* 
been addressed, 
so don't assume your request is still in the backlog (unless it came in the 
last two weeks). 
Submit any repeat or new requests to me directly.  My coho website e-mail 
address is 
GERMINO [at] MSN.COM, and this will be my primary and preferred e-mail address 
for this work. 
However, I often use my work account, which is GERMINO [at] BABSON.EDU, so you 
use this as well.

Also, if you're interested in serving in an advisory capacity for future 
site changes please me
know.  That will likely happen over the next few months.  Thanks for your 
patience and understanding
during the site transition.  It is my goal to create a first-rate site that 
has updated, relavant, and 
timely information, and to do all we can to support cohousers in their 
endeavors to build and 
maintain their communities.  I look forward to serving the cohousing 
community.  Cheers!


p.s. Going forward my messages will be much shorter!

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