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From: Christopher L. Wood (
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 22:03:49 -0500
How about designing some kind of ramp? Maybe it could wind around the 
outside of the building and be incorporated as a design element?  It would
still add some cost, but probably not be as expensive as an elevator.

>Date: Sun, 5 Apr 98 21:21:27 -0700
>From: Lynn Nadeau <welcome [at]>
>To: "cohousing l" <cohousing-l [at]>
>Subject: upstairs for Common House?
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>We at RoseWind Cohousing in Port Townsend Washington are working on our 
>common house design. There are a number of reasons that second-floor 
>space would help us out.
>BUT the local city building inspector, with Uniform Building Code in 
>hand, says that we are a type A-3 "assembly" building and that any 
>"occupiable" upstairs space MUST be handicapped accessible. That 
>translates into not only the space for an elevator, but around $20,000 
>elevator cost. Which we don't have. 
>Question:Who has managed to get upstairs space permitted, that is not 
>handicapped accessible?
>(Is there anyone from Winslow reading this? I remember a Teen Room over 
>the kitchen.)
>How was the building classified, per building code, or what exceptions 
>applied that allowed that upstairs space? Or is there someone I could 
>contact to find out?
>We'd be very appreciative if you have info to share. 
>Best wishes,         Lynn Nadeau               welcome [at]
>General RoseWind info- started 9 years ago, PUD with city, 
>lot-development model, non-profit corporation with homeowners' 
>association. 19 families, room for 6 more (in single-family, or duplex or 
>row houses). Eight homes built and occupied. Three homes half finished. A 
>straw bale home starts in May. Common House in planning phase-- with 
>preliminary plans based on our programming and budget. 
Christopher L. Wood               
Don't ask me, I just go to classes <A HREF="";>here</A>.

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