Re: Southern Marin CoHousing
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 03:13:56 -0500
Yesterday, another member of the Old Oakland Group and I went to visit the
Open Site for the new Southern Marin group. They have an option on the most
magnificent site I could imagine. Get this. Ninety four heavily wooded
acres high on a hillside overlooking Sausalito and Richardson Bay (San
Francisco Bay). And just minutes from the northern end of the Golden Gate
Bridge.  Yikes. a rural site that's a hop, skip and a jump from San
Francisco. They plan to build either two or three 20-24 unit cohousing
communities each with its own common house there. Marin County very
ecologically aware, and so far the powers that be, and the early members of
the group are pleased that they can build low buildings virtually out of
site as one looks up the hill, and that they will have very minimal impact
on land that once was slated for the development of 600+ homes or condos.
They plan to build on only 2-3 acres out of those 94.  

I can't remember if anyone from that group is lurking on this list or has
posted here, but in case my enthusiastic testimonial has attracted your
interest. you can contact them at 415-451-7227 or marincoho [at]

I think that  after about 10 years in Old Oakland--let's see, that will be
in 2008--I'll be tired of downtown living and try to get a place there.
Then there's the city/country exchange plan the Oakland group has in the

Joani Blank
Currently a fan of urban cohousing, but you never know.......

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