Re: Southern Marin cohousing
From: Cheryl Charis-Graves (
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 21:20:59 -0500
Actually I am writing a story such as you describe. It's in the
"juvenile fiction" genre, about a thirteen-year-old girl coming to terms
with the death of her mother two years ago. She and her family (father
and younger brother) live in a cohousing community and gain support from
community members in their struggle. Cohousing is the setting and
part of the "back story," but not the focus.

After 22 years as a school psychologist, I need the creative outlet but
I hope to publish it as well. I also have in mind to collect and edit an
anthology of creative endeavors by members of my community?photos,
poems, stories, essays, artwork?from both adults and children, maybe
even the community dog. Or the story in absentiaof our poor community
kitties that keep getting "taken" by the local coyotes.

Maybe one day we will experience the proverbial "glut" of books,
stories, etc. that include cohousing both as focus and context!

Cheryl Charis-Graves
Harmony Village Cohousing Community
Golden, Colorado

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