Cohousing-L functionality doubts from Fred
From: Fred H. Olson (
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 23:12:12 -0500
The number of messages distributed by Cohousing-L has dropped off
to a very small number - so much as to make me suspicious as to whether
it is working normally.  Usually when problems develop the list is totally
shut down but now things are ambiguous.  Below is the list of the few
recent messages distributed acording to the archives (which dont agree -
csf is missing two messages - tho one was a Synergy (near) duplicate .

Anyone whose records of messages recieved differs substantailly or who has
had bounce messages when posting messages (or sending commands);
fholson [at]   with cc to:
fholson [at] too -- my account is not above suspicion)   

BTW the posting of this message is a test to see
whether it gets distributed as well.   It is possible that
nobody's had much to say recently but I doubt it!
(numbers in brackets are link numbers from MTN gopher archive)
4/ 8/98    [34]Re: Southern Marin cohousing
4/ 8/98    [35]Re: Southern Marin cohousing
4/ 8/98    [36]Synergy Cohousing WEBSITE is UP
4/ 8/98    [37]RE: annual assessments
4/ 8/98    [38]Re: Southern Marin cohousing
4/ 8/98    [39]Synergy Cohousing NEW WEBSitE
4/ 8/98    [40]Synergy Cohousing NEW WEBSitE
4/11/98    [41]Anomalies on cohousing-L
4/11/98    [42]Synergy Web Site
4/14/98    [43]Volunteer labor pool available
4/14/98    [44]Groundbreaking -- invitations, ceremony
4/15/98    [45]Re: upstairs in common house and wheelchair accessibility

Fred 4/15/98 11 pm
Fred H. Olson  fholson [at]    Minneapolis,MN   55411  
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