Re: Cohousing-L functionality doubts from Fred
From: Sharon Hamer (
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 06:33:04 -0500
I was just going to write something anyway.

Today's New York Times (Thursday 4/16/98) has an article about Cambridge
Cohousing in it on the cover of the Home section. It contains info on, among
other things,  my family, and on page 10, has a  picture of my living room and
my family!! The focus of the article is the ecological aspects of our project.

Sharon Hamer
hamer [at]

Fred H. Olson wrote:

> The number of messages distributed by Cohousing-L has dropped off
> to a very small number - so much as to make me suspicious as to whether
> it is working normally.  Usually when problems develop the list is totally
> shut down but now things are ambiguous.  Below is the list of the few
> recent messages distributed acording to the archives (which dont agree -
> csf is missing two messages - tho one was a Synergy (near) duplicate .
> Anyone whose records of messages recieved differs substantailly or who has
> had bounce messages when posting messages (or sending commands);
> fholson [at]   with cc to:
> fholson [at] too -- my account is not above suspicion)
> BTW the posting of this message is a test to see
> whether it gets distributed as well.   It is possible that
> nobody's had much to say recently but I doubt it!
> (numbers in brackets are link numbers from MTN gopher archive)
> 4/ 8/98    [34]Re: Southern Marin cohousing
> 4/ 8/98    [35]Re: Southern Marin cohousing
> 4/ 8/98    [36]Synergy Cohousing WEBSITE is UP
> 4/ 8/98    [37]RE: annual assessments
> 4/ 8/98    [38]Re: Southern Marin cohousing
> 4/ 8/98    [39]Synergy Cohousing NEW WEBSitE
> 4/ 8/98    [40]Synergy Cohousing NEW WEBSitE
> 4/11/98    [41]Anomalies on cohousing-L
> 4/11/98    [42]Synergy Web Site
> 4/14/98    [43]Volunteer labor pool available
> 4/14/98    [44]Groundbreaking -- invitations, ceremony
> 4/15/98    [45]Re: upstairs in common house and wheelchair accessibility
> Fred 4/15/98 11 pm
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