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Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 16:52:01 -0500
Fred is justifiably concerned about the drop off in list postings.  I've
been remiss in posting replies to the whole list so please forgive my
including (for context) the whole of some of the earlier posts between
Shelly and me ...


our community dinners are on Tuesday and Friday evenings, but not
everyone can attend every meal.  Many of the meetings are also during
the week.  But there are also meetings and occasional dinners/brunches
and other sorts of celebrations on the weekends, and more people are at
home on the weekends.  There's lots of landscape activity and other
community work to do on the weekends.  Our community-wide meetings are
held about twice a month on Sunday evenings (generally 6-8pm), sometimes
including a meal.  

Every community sets their meal and meeting structures up to suit their
own residents.  If you push for a regular saturday or sunday community
dinner or brunch (especially if you're cooking) and late sunday
afternoon meetings, you could still participate pretty fully, even if
you can't get to the mid week meals.  

Few people can get fit in ALL the community activities, even when they
want to.  As a long term thing, you probably won't want the community
meeting to be mid weekend - cuts into other things you might be doing
during the weekend.

I figure the cow pasture across the street from my old home is probaby
in condos now.  It was good sledding in the winter when the cows weren't
around.  I'll be visiting Goshen and the western Mass communities too,
so I'll make sure to drop by Pathways, tho it will probably be mid week.
Please get me directions to Pathways.

Debbie Behrens, Highline Crossing, Littleton CO

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> Hi Debbie
> At your community, does a lot of the action (community dinners, get
> togethers, etc.) happen during the week? Thanks for your input.
> Hopefully when you come out, Pathways Cohousing in Northampton will be
> standing. And when you visit home, I hope it doesn't depress you, but
> Glastonbury is Booming!! Farm country turning into gigantic box
> houses.
> Shelly
[Deborah Behrens]   We have a community member who travels during the
week in her job, so she's only home on the weekends.  IMO, she's been
able to participate pretty well.  She probably participates more than I
I'm planning to get back to New England early August, and, among other
things, visit the communities in Mass, and also some friends in the
Hartford area.  It's probably been over 10 years since I've been to
Glastonbury.  Best wishes.
Debbie Behrens, Highline Crossing, Littleton CO

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Subject:        weekender cohousing

As my husband and I grapple with the decision of joining Pathways
Cohousing in Northhampton, Mass. (possible groundbreaking this fall), we
are trying to come up with creative solutions to what would be an hour
commute to work for my husband to and from Hartford. One thought I was
considering was to "straddle" our two homes and head off to Pathways on
the weekends and summers.

Has anyone ever tried this? My concern is that we would be outsiders,
showing up only on the weekends. My other concern would be that while I
was there I would be willing to contribute but while I am away, there is
little I can do. Do you think this would cause resentment?

There are possibilities in the future for my husband to telecommute at
least a couple of days, but in the meantime I thought this might be a
decent compromise.

        Any suggestions?
        Thanks.  Shelly DeMeo
        possible members of Pathways Cohousing in vibrant Northhampton,
Mass.  Just purchased 40 acres and recently finished our site plan.

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