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From: Lynn Nadeau (
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 09:05:18 -0500
Deb Behrens says she's "guilty" of responding to individuals, rather than 
the whole list. As a relative newcomer to the list, the individual 
response seems the appropriate one for most things, as it helps the 
person who asked for input, and doesn't take up the time and attention of 
hundreds of other people. 

I have responded individually to requests of the what-do-you-do type 
about legal structures, committee arrangements, participation 
requirements (or lack thereof), and other such matters. To the whole 
group I posted one query, regarding what different common houses do about 
second-floor access: the numerous responses I got were helpful in 
evolving our planning, but most people don't need the brand and model 
number of a wheelchair lift. 

Certain topics may be of such general relevance as to spark discussion 
and debate via these channels. If one is alert to such potential,  there 
seems no reason to apologize for giving requested info just to the 
requester. Right? Or am I missing something?

Lynn at RoseWind            welcome [at]

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