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Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 19:49:12 -0500
Hello M Henner,

I believe Co-housing communities will qualify for the local Volunteer-labor 
pool, provided 
by Court-Ordered Community Service.  

There is no revenue transaction with Court-Ordered Community Service, and 
for using Volunteer labor will be much simpler than qualifying for State 
assistance.  Penalties have always revolved around compensating injured 
communities, or time served.  Law enforcement / judicial revenue is secured in 
fixed state 
/ federal budgets, not by assessments of fines; the corruption incentive would 

Unless Court-Ordered Community Service can be subjected to local corruption, 
the laws 
surrounding trafic-offence, civil, tort, and criminal penalties have no mandate 
to revenue 
quotas.  Although I wonder about collusion with corporate-insurance interests.

I can not see how state assistance is implied, or why Co-Housing organizations 
not qualify for the Volunteer-labor pool provided by Court-Ordered community 

Much less can I understand how the qualifying agencies currently listed in my 
area, can 
be so so diverse and numerous if registering to use this Volunteer labor pool 
was that 
difficult.  It certainly would not hurt to find out.

Roger R., Sr. Research Editor
The Fertile Zone
Natural family planning doesn't get any simpler than this

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I read about the proposal to get co-housing into the
volunteer pool for court ordered volunteer service.

I couldn't understand why anyone would think that co-
housing would qualify.  True, co-housing is a good thing.
True, some are organized as non-profit co-ops.  But that
doesn't make co-housing a kind of charity that should get
help from the state.

No matter how organized, the people in co-housing are
cooperating to organize housing for their own benefit.
Not for society's.  If a bunch of rich guys were organizing
a golf club/country club on a cooperative basis, so they could
all play golf together on a beautiful course, would we think
that they were entitled to court ordered volunteer service
just because they organized as a non profit or cooperative?

M Henner

The Fertile Zone
Natural Familily Planning doesn't get any simpler.

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