High-end telecom
From: Ben Levi (bendimensional.com)
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 23:45:49 -0500
My name is Ben Levi, and I live in Boulder, CO. I'm part of the Geneva
group who has 175 acres in northeast Lyons. I'm thinking about doing a
high-end telecom solution (e.g. fiber optic, fractional T-1, server) for
the community, and possibly the surrounding area. Has anyone on the list
done anything like this? I'd appreciate any experiences, lessons, wisdom
you have to offer (you can send them privately if you wish).
Ben Levi            | Ph:303-546-0679    | Fax: 303-473-0489
2800 Kalmia, #A-327 | Boulder, CO  80301 | ben [at] dimensional.com
Geneva Development Corporation

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