The Easter Seder/Just Fun / Gary
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 20:26:22 -0500
We had our Easter Seder on Friday night. It was a very fun and interesting
event. We didn't talk about getting it built at all. We has great food with
great people.
Attending were: 
Mike & Sari
Chris & Christine
Gary, Corey & Hallie
Sam & Lian
The Landaus / Meryl, Gary, Richard & Kelsy
Fan & Bill
Richard Pathman and his son Michael

Alta lead the seder with brevity, which was wonderful. Michael read the 4
questions and Corey interjected similarities between the two holidays.
The feminst element was coverd by adding an orange to the seder plate and the
story of Miriam from Meryl. A great addition.
Miriam lead the Israelites through the Red Sea was the high priestess who
recieved the 10 commandments with Moses and Aaron.
What a woman. 

It was a really great event, as I've said and all of us look forward to the
next one in our new homes.

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