Re: Volunteer labor pool available
From: Suzanne L Hirsch (
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 08:40:21 -0500
cohousing is an example of people taking responsibility in a way that does
impact not only people within the community but outside. cohousing is more
than a club because as a way of life it is an example of an attempt at
living in a way that has extremely significant implications in today's
society (socially, economically, politically, etc.)

Therefore, if the government, or volunteers are going to support
something, i think there are valuable experiences and gains to society in
supporting cohousing.  may be self serving for those within the community,
but this still has implications. 

In fact, coming from an empowerment perspective, self serving socially
responsible action is probably the most valuable help for society
anyway. but in keeping with community philosophy, responsible action
requires support. 

suzanne hirsch
buffalo cohousing initiative

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