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Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 11:08:13 -0500
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        I understand M Henner's resrvations about using "community service"
hours for enterprises that may be of benefit to a group of individuals but
not society in general.
        I am not certain that those reservations apply to cohousing.
        While the primary beneficiaries of cohousing are the occupants,
I think we could make a case that cohousing as a movement offers
considerable potential to improve the conditions of people in general.
        I am also uncertain if there is such a clear distinction between
community-service and total selflessness.  How many not-for-profits
are run by people with six (or seven!) figure salaries?
        I think the community service idea could be presented to the
court administrators.  They are the ones who should decide if a particular
cohousing community fits their criteria or not.  Service to that part
of the community just might be as relevant as service to any other part.


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