Re: High-end telecom
From: Ben Levi (
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 17:41:49 -0500
Matt wrote:
> I haven't done it -- yet.  I'm involved with a cohousing group that is
> just forming in Austin, TX and I'm looking at starting with a burstable T1
> and moving up from there.  Currently, I've got an ISDN connection to my
> house and I tend to saturate it all too often.  Also, one of my goals is
> to help provide an environment where various type of entreprenurial
> arrangement can happen easily.

Sounds great! I, too, have a single-channel ISDN in my home, and find it
works great for me, given how slow the rest of the 'net can be. The
problem is the initial costs of setting up a frame-relay (starting with
256K, for instance), and also the monthly costs, which can be high for a
small co-housing community like ours (only 7 units plus common house).
Still, like you said, a bigger pipe creates more opportunity for
entreprenurial ventures.
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