Volunteer labor pool "very simple"
From: The Fertile Zone (fertilezonepostoffice.worldnet.att.net)
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 17:23:54 -0500
United Way manages the list of eligable agencies for the Court-ordered 
Volunteer Labor 
pool in my area.  Here is the lastest diolog with the United Way, in my area.

From:                   Dale Nash - Ext Rels <dnash [at] uwkc.wa.org>
Subject:                Re: Volunteer Opportunities
Date sent:              Tue, 21 Apr 98 10:12:00 PDT

The process for getting on the list is very simple.  Your agency needs to
register with the Center.  No fees, just a couple of forms to fill out. 
 Then ask to be included on our court ordered list.

Every United Way is different, some have volunteer centers, some do not,
AND every center works differently.

Call me, I will be happy to explain more.

Dale Nash, President
United Way, Seattle

To: Dale Nash - Ext Rels
Subject: Re: Volunteer Opportunities
Date:  April 21, 1998 8:26AM

Thanks Dale,

I'll go over the list.  I eventually hope to discover the application
process, phone number, or minimum requirements for getting a non-profit on
your list.

I hope to find out if United Way has a process in other cities or states
to provide similar agency lists for Court-ordered community service, and
how to go about applying.

If the list can't help me, I'll call you at the number you provided.

Thank You.

From:                   Dale Nash - Ext Rels <dnash [at] uwkc.wa.org>
Subject:                Volunteer Opportunities
Date sent:              Mon, 20 Apr 98 07:36:00 PDT

We maintain a list of agencies that use court ordered volunteers.  I am
putting one in the mail to you this morning, 4/20.

Dale Nash

The Fertile Zone
Natural Familily Planning doesn't get any simpler.
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