From: Dahako (
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 08:11:17 -0500
Hi Chuck - 

I don't have any quarrel whatsoever with your take on fences from the purely
communitarian angle.  Pragmatically, in my opinion, there will sometimes be
reasons folk will want fences, so having guidelines helps.  (Note: Eno Commons
homes are either single family detached or paired townhomes and each house has
a pretty small front yard and only slightly larger backyard.  None of us are
particularly wealthy by U.S. standards.)  I will be building a fence around
part of my backyard because I have two large dogs, one of whom, Keesha, is
rather territorial (though fine with kids).  She can't be kept communally with
other dogs, local ordinance and a statewide rabies epidemic forbid her to run
loose, and it would be mean to her to keep her inside all day.  So, there is
one good reason to have a fence in the yard.

In other developments, I've heard of folk who are practicing naturists
(nudists) who choose to have fences rather than try to make their neighbors
share their philosophy.  This isn't an issue in Eno Commons (at least I don't
think it is), but I think tolerating a fence in such a case is a fine idea.

I'm sure there will be other reasons from time to time.  Our draft guidelines
say we discourage fences for the philosophical reasons you describe, and, for
people who still want fences - whatever the reason-, we provide design limits.

Jessie Handforth Kome
Eno Commons Cohousing
Durham, NC
Where you're invited to our Dancing on the Foundations Celebration, Sunday,
May 3, from 2-4pm.  The first house will have a roof by then, so we'll be
there rain or shine. The Dixie Crystals will play old-time music, we'll have
five foundations to dance on or around, and punch and finger food will be
provided.  You're also invited to take a look at the newly updated Eno Commons
web site
( to see construction pictures and
our passive solar home designs.

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