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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 12:38:14 -0500
Sharon Villines wrote:

> The one compelling reason to have a fence seems to be for pets. But
> has anyone tried having a dog run to the side of the property. The
> one I
> have seen is a long narrow run so dogs have more room to run than
> in a small
> yard but it doesn't obstruct movement from house to house.

Can I join in this discussion?  I share my paycheck w/ a Standard
Schnauzer named Noah.  Here is some advice from experts:  The Monks
of  New Skete from their book How to be Your Dog's Best Friend.  This
is about dog kennels in general and does not address the questions of
aesthetics or fences n' neighbors, quality of life, etc.

The lead in for this quote discusses the boredom dogs face in being
in the wrong kind of kennel or being in one for too long a time.  The
monks like rectangular kennels to decrease boredom dogs face but note

"Rectangular pens encourage dogs to walk and strut about, square
kennels encourage dogs to lie down and do nothing.  Unfortunately,
the rectangular dog run may also encourage fence charging in some
dogs, and endless barking, which is correlated w/ the tension of
fence running,   If your dog is prone to running, change the kennel
to a square design and the running will usually stop.  For dogs of
the large working breeds, we usually suggest square kennels of at
least twelve feet by twelve feet, although smaller squares can be
used if the dog is not placed in them for too long." p 99.

In Liberty Village (Libertytown, MD) one set of design plans call for
us to have a "communal" kennel away from the main locus of the
community.  We can do this because we have 17 acres of land we're
keeping as open space, gardens etc.  so we have the space.  Seems
like a kennel on the side of a house that doesn't obstruct movement
is a good idea as long as the neighbor doesn't mind looking out a
side window at a dog kennel all day.  There's no perfect solution.
Best -- Ann Zabaldo
Liberty Village Cohousing (:~
annz [at]

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