Re: Seniors Matching?
From: ann zabaldo (
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 17:57:55 -0500
Blaise Tobia wrote:

> . But then again, there doesn't seem to be much
> happening anywhere in the entire mid-Atlantic region (at least not
> between
> Massachussetts/upstate New York and Maryland)

Oh there's *lots* happening!  Here in Maryland Liberty Village just
outside Frederick is ready to roll as soon as we get financing -- we
have land, permits, house plans, etc.  Another group is just on the
edge of starting up in Annapolis.

In Virginia,  The EcoVillage of Loudoun County is humming along;
Blueberry Hill in Fairfax, too.

I know in Pennsylvania, Bill Hartzell and his family (recently moved
back East from Sharingwood) are interested in starting a cohousing

Along w/ Bill,  I am also trying to organize the Mid-Atlantic Chapter
of The Cohousing Network.  The chapter has already sponsored slide
shows for the public; plus on behalf of the chapter I've attended two
conferences.  So there's a lot of stuff happening in the Mid-Atlantic
and if there is anyone else out there interested in forming this
chapter or who just wants to say "hello" I invite you to e mail me.
Best -- Ann Zabaldo
Liberty Village Cohousing (:~
annz [at]

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