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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 15:11:48 -0500
 Blaise Tobia wrote:

<I was recently contacted by a woman (who had just read about cohousing in 
the New York Times) who wants to work out a new living arrangement for 
her elderly mother. I suggested to her that she research the program that 
matches young individuals, couples and families with elderly people in 
shared-living arrangements, often in the elderly peoples' home (if it is 
large enough). I know that at least one such program exists, but haven't 
been able to find a reference to it. >

Hi Folks-
I thought of replying individually to this, but maybe it is of *some* interest
to the rest of you.

Lutheran Social Services (I think?) in Minneapolis, or maybe also in St Paul,
has a program called Share-A-Home with both a matching and ongoing followup
program to increase success.  I think they mostly match younger singles with
older folks, but I'm not sure.  I once tried to encourage my aunt to try to get
something like it going in NYC, but she said she'd leave that project for
someone else.  If you have trouble contacting them, e-mail me.

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