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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 07:28:53 -0500
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In Cambridge Cohousing, our operating partnership agreement, as well as
our condominium by-laws, allows one vote per household (or unit) when
dealing with decisions pertaining to the organizational and administrative
structure, policies, finances and legal concerns of the community.  When
dealing with decisions regarding daily living matters such as social
activities, rules and regulations, committee membership and other
community tasks, all persons of legal voting age living in the condominium
(or individual household members) shall have individual voices in the
consensus process.  The latter includes tenants of the 2 units owned by
the Cambridge Housing Authority as well as the Divided Unit Condominium,
which has been set up as a residence for four developmentally disabled
adults.  Other tenants who may be living in our community may participate
in all meetings, express opinions freely, but may not block consensus in
any matter. 

Prospective Members, having paid a $25 fee, have been able to attend all
meetings, participate in discussions but not block consensus.  We are
about to establish the "Friends of Cambridge Cohousing," and I am not
clear how they will participate in terms of meetings, although they will
be invited to attend meetings as well as social activities. 

Peggy Blum
Cambridge Cohousing
Cambridge, MA

peggyblum [at]

Robin Allison said, in part:
> The question is, does this generally mean one vote per (full member)
> household, or one vote per adult (there may be 2 or 3 adults in a
> household)? And what about Associate Members? I've looked through the
> archives and it seems that generally renters don't get to have this
> final say in decision-making, but I can't find reference to how other
> groups have handled this issue of just how this final voting thing
> happens.

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