Re: Consensus
From: Ruby44444 (
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 14:07:52 -0500
I agre with Rob about having all group members trained in consensus and having
well trained facilitators--and practically everything else--except the
following paragraph:
>In my learning and teaching about consensus, I have come to the conclusion, 
>that almost always, blocking is done inappropriately. In my experience, in a 
>group where an individual blocks to "get their way" rather than what is best 
>for the whole group, that group should probably not be using consensus as 
>their decision making system and should use a meta majority vote instead. 

Sounds to me more like the person isn't feeling like the group hears or cares
about her.  Sounds like the group got fixated on coming to conclusion, and
didn't stop and breath and leave space for people. Which a very hard thing to
do  inthe heat of battle, as it were. But works wonders.

Pioneer Valley

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