Significant others not interested in Cohousing
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 10:16:42 -0500
yeah, we have seen that at Sharingwood. It turns out several ways. Either they 
become converted, or they live here and then both leave, or they never 
actually join, just kind of hang around for awhile.  We had one divorce here, 
but it was not about cohousing at all, in fact, when they got down to dividing 
their assets, the most important thing to both of them was who got to keep the 
community! (It turned out they both stayed, just moved into different houses)

Our newest member had a story like this. She was excited, he was ho-hum, this 
is no big deal.  Then he came out for a coming of age ceremoney for some kids, 
spent the weekend and discovered she was right, this is cool. And of course, 
she was smart enough to let him think it was all his idea.....

There is a lot of fear of the unknown when you attempt something different 
than normal. Especially if you are in an area where this is the first 
cohousing community. I would encourage such people to wait and see. After the 
project is built there are always opportunities later to buy built homes, 
albeit they are more expensive usually, and you will need about a year to 
catch up socially to the group.

Rob Sandelin
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