Short-term place wanted
From: Eleanor Chandler (
Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 11:59:26 -0500
I am thinking of spending a few months in Northern California from
around November 1998 to Spring 1999 and I'd like to live in a cohousing
community during that time.  My preference would be in Marin or Sonoma
County or possibly the Bay Area.  I am a 50+ single woman, a one-time
teacher, counsellor, psychotherapist, gardener, amongst other things! 
I want to spend some time doing creative work particularly with paint
and clay.  I would also be happy to facilitate some creative work with

And here's a bit about the Devon Cohousing Group with whom I have been
meeting together here in the South-West of England for the past two
years.  We have recently expanded the Core Group from about 8 to 25
adults, with 10 or 11 children. We are lucky to live in a very
beautiful part of the country,  but at the same time that makes
property expensive, and planning permission hard to get.  We have
investigated several sites, and did quite a bit of negotiating for one,
but so far we have no site.  In the meantime we have set up various
subgroups to work in different areas, and have had a couple of
residential weekends together at a nearby field centre.  And in the
countryside around here after a long cold wet spell Spring is
burgeoning!  Lambs in the fields and wildflowers everywhere in the
hedges and banks.

I visited several cohousing communities last summer in California,
Seattle and British Colombia, and came back inspired!  Would love a
chance to get more inspiration on my forthcoming trip!  So if you could
offer me a short-term let, or a house-sit, or maybe even a house-swap,
please let me know!

Eleanor Chandler
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