Re: FOOD?? Let's EAT !
From: Cheryl Charis-Graves (
Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 18:09:43 -0500
Have you already done Moosewood Restaurant Cooks for a Crowd? This has
been a great resource for our community of 27 households.

Maybe you could do a thing on Community Supported Agriculture or coop
food buying, i.e. what seems to work and what doesn't.

Maybe a comparison of how different sizes of community handle community
meals? We modeled a lot of what we do after Commons on the Alameda.

Maybe all of these have been done, but they are what comes to mind.

Cheryl Charis-Graves
Harmony Village in Golden, Colorado
Head Chef for tomorrow's (Sunday) brunch where the menu is Sweet Pepper
and Basil Frittata, Skillet Fried New Potatoes with Garlic and
Rosemary,  a selection of Gourmet Breads at "closing in an hour" prices,
Fresh Fruit (cantaloupes were on sale today), and Coffee.

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