Re: co-housers seeking partners/spice
From: Carla McAuley (
Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 02:19:45 -0500
>Eves [at] wrote on 5/1/98 21:17:39 EDT:
>>It has occurred to me that there may be single folks who wish for co-housing
>>and wish for a partner.......
>I don't know about this. As any couples resulting from such introductions 
>would affect at least one if not two cohousing groups, wouldn't any such 
>arrangements require consensus approval in both groups? ;-)

Hey, has anyone seen the video, "Bagdad Cafe"?  It's a parable about
community and ends on a note similar to the above. Delightful movie.

>Seriously, I'd prefer to see this list concentrate on the institutional 
>sharing and exchange involved in helping people start and run cohousing 
>groups, but I would support a seperate list for cohousing-talk, including 


What about inviting personal bios and letting people respond privately as
they wish, for personal conversation or shared interests? 

Carla McAuley
Gallatin Valley CoHousing, Bozeman, MT
Over traditional age Grad Student in Education at MSU

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