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From: Joani Blank (
Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 12:21:48 -0500
Okay, Marty, and others. I'll start it up again. I dropped the ball
before--unfortunately only got three or four "ads" including mine, and they
were all from women. There seems to be some sentiment that we keep this off
coho-l for the time being, so let's start this way:

Everyone who wants to participate, send me a brief bio, description,
whatever at jeblank [at] and I'll put em into one email and send it to
the everyone who asks for it. Maybe I should require those who want to
peruse the list to submit their own bios. Everyone should include their
email address in their bio. If you don't, I'll add it in, but if you want
your name deleted or if your email address gives away your name, and you
want to be anonymous, I'll be the go-between and  give your email address
only to those who ask for it.

I'll announce the availability of this singles listing on coho-l from time
to time.

Comments, suggestions, offers to help to this list please for a day or two
more--then we'll take it private---well, semiprivate.

Joani Blank
Doyle Street and Old Oakland/Swan's Market CoHousing, Bay Area, CA

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