Re: Grants or Subsidies for Hydronic Heating
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 13:57:40 -0500
We in the Old Oakland/Swan's Market cohousing group found out just last
night that the hydronic heating system, (central gas-heated boiler with
thermostat-controlled radiators in each unit) we agreed to pay $2400 per
unit extra for, is going to cost almost three times that much. It
apparently was difficult for the contractor to even find a sub who wanted
to bid on it. 

Does anyone know of a governmental entity, public utility, or private
organization that still gives grants or subsidies, or very low or no-
interest long term loans on environmentally friendly systems like this?
With deregulation of electric utilities in California, we expect that
anything our previous monopoly gas and electric company won't consider it
any more. I have contacted them already and am awaiting their response.

Joani Blank
Old Oakland/Swans Market CoHousing, Oakland, CA
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