Pre-workshop questions
From: Todd O. Derkacz (
Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 11:28:58 -0500
The San Marcos Cohousing Association will be participating in a joint
"getting it built" workshop in Austin, Texas, 16 &17 May.  Clifford May
of Cohousing Neighborhood in Round Rock, Texas was the prime mover in
getting the Cohousing Company to conduct the event.
We have a site under control that is three acres on a hill near
Southwest Texas  University and we hope to build 20 homes.  We have
prepared a mission statement, bylaws and a meeting guide.  We are six
households with several watching from the wings.
Two questions
What could we do to prepare for the workshop to ensure full benefit?
How often should we revisit the mission statement, bylaws and meeting
guide given that most content was prepared when the group was small and
had less "wisdom" about such things.

Todd Derkacz & Betsy Robertson
San Marcos Cohousing Association
San Marcos, TX

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