Post Move-In Reactions / Database of one-liners
Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 12:34:44 -0500
Response from Gary Shlifer - Synergy Cohousing -
It think it is wonderful thing to hear about post-move reactions. I will be
happy to keep a database of reactions and make it available on our site.
I'd love to keep track of and know the array of other reactions/feelings
towards living in cohousing.
Send me SHORT one-liners about:
Post move-in
Breaking Ground
or others.
The site-page will list the topics of
"What people say about cohousing"

Thanks Mike Mariner.

Gary Shlifer - Synergy Cohousing - Delray Beach, Florida -

In a message dated 5/8/98 11:13:29 PM, you wrote:

>It takes so long to get a project built, that once people get moved in 
>they can and do have a wide range of reactions.  Some of these feelings 
>are transitory and other phases evolve certainly.  Here's some I've heard 
>- Ecstacy - a dream realized at last!
>- Burn out - hide out for a few months until energy returns for community 
>- "Is that all there is?"  You hoped for more community than you're 
>- "Ick, I need more privacy! Please stay out of my face! I wanna put up a 
>privacy fence."
>- After move in I didn't drop any of my outside activities, so I never 
>get to do anything in my community.
>Anybody want to mention other reactions, tell your story?
>Those of you somewhere in the building process, don't get discouraged.  
>Some of the post-move in stuff is like post partum.  I guess, not being 
>an authority on either....
>Mike Mariner
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